Time limit

Access to Danish education for internationals is time limited. Learn all about the time limit here.

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Your vouchers

You receive a voucher for each module in your Danish education. You do not receive vouchers for modules that you can skip.

Each voucher gives you access to Danish education for a number of months matching the corresponding module.

M1 2,5 2,5 2,5 4
M2 3,5 3,5 3,5 5
M3 4,0 4,0 4,0 7
M4 4,5 4,5 5,0 8
M5 5,0 3,0 5,0 9
M6 4,0 4,0 6,0 9
TOTAL 23,5 21,5 20,0 (26) 42


If you spend shorter time at a module than the voucher allows

Example: You don’t really find Danish that difficult and you complete module 1 in 2 months. Voucher 1 gives you up to 4 months so you have completed the module within the expected timeframe. When you begin module 2, voucher 2 is activated.

If you spend longer time at a module than the voucher allows

Example: The Danish grammar is weird, and after 8 months you are yet to complete module 4. Voucher 5 is automatically activated, which gives you an additional 9 months to complete the module. However, voucher 6 is then used for module 5, and you are out of vouchers for module 6, which you then have to make a full user payment of DKK 100 per lesson (1 lesson is 45 minutes).


The vouchers expire after 60 months (5 years).

Time is counting from the beginning of the Danish course, that you are offered by Lærdansk. Beware that time is counting even if you do not participate in the course. Time is also counting during holidays.

You must contact Lærdansk* to be offered Danish education. Do this no later than 30 days from receiving the referral from the municipality. Fail to do so and the first voucher will automatically be activated and time will start counting.

*) Note: In Aarhus you must contact the municipal Jobcenter, not Lærdansk

Should you wish to postpone your Danish education you must request a pause, after receiving the referral from the municipality, and before receiving the offer from Lærdansk. The request must be written and state when you wish to begin your course.

If you have started the final module before Danish Exam you are allowed to finish the module even if you are out of vouchers and even if more than 60 months have passed since you started the course.


In case of serious and prolonged illness you can request for the duration of your current voucher to be increased. You must obtain a valid sick note or similar documentation. The municipality decides if your voucher can be extended. A week with the flu does not count as serious and prolonged illness.


Students at Lærdansk have access to messages from teachers, materials from lessons, online excercises and much more on our online student platform. Students can login using their UNI-login.

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