Classes for nordic speakers

Do you speak Swedish or Norwegian? Do you live, work or study in Denmark? Would you like to pronounce the soft d and the silent h like a Dane? Lærdansk offers custom classes for our Scandinavian brothers and sisters.

Is this you?

You speak Swedish or Norwegian.

You live, work or study in Denmark.

You would like to speak Danish like a Dane.

Then these classes are for you.

The course

Classes for nordic speakers follow the course DU3, only with emphasis on spoken Danish.

You will learn to pronounce the soft d and the mute h.

You will feel the melody and rythm of sentences.

You will be familiar with the reverse numbers.

And you will understand words and phrases with double meanings.

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The courses at Lærdansk are free of charge to international residents in Denmark who hold a Danish CPR (social security) number.

If you are not eligible for free Danish language education you have the option to pay for it yourself.

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Sign up

Classes for nordic speakers are available at Lærdansk in Aarhus and Odense. Registration procedures vary between schools. Please contact your local Lærdansk for details about how to sign up.

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