At FVU Math you work with mathematical challenges that you meet in your everyday life – decoding numbers, understanding tables and diagrams, measuring lengths, heights and circumferences of objects, estimating prices and so on.

FVU Math consists of 2 steps of 30-60 lessons each.

Step 1

Math at an entry level. You will learn to multiply and divide and to do calculations with fractions and decimals.

Step 1 is concluded with a test.

Step 2

Math at an intermediate level. You will learn to calculate area, volume, and percentages, and to understand more elaborate problems with text, numbers and diagrams. Step 2 is equivalent to 9th  grade in primary school.

Step 2 is concluded with a test.


Students at Lærdansk have access to messages from teachers, materials from lessons, online excercises and much more on our online student platform. Students can login using their UNI-login.

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