Danish has a vast amount of vowel sounds and a pronunciation so far from the written language that it’s almost like learning two different languages. It is difficult to learn, but help is on its way.

Our course in Danish pronunciation is aimed at students who want to make sure they are understood when speaking Danish. You might already read and write some Danish but experience that the Danes do not always understand what you are saying.

During the course, you will methodically cover every phenomenon that causes trouble. You will work with your specific issues and have plenty of opportunities to speak and practice. It all takes place in a relaxed setting with room for good laughs and good humour.

You will learn about …

  • Vowels and vocalizing, e.g. the 9 vowels and the many sounds they can create
  • Consonants and their sounds, e.g. the soft d, the Danish r and when p, t and k are pronounced as b, d, and g
  • Rhythms + Accents = The sound of the Danish language
  • Words and inflections that almost disappear when speaking

In addition to the course you have access to

  • Course materials and textbooks
  • Exercises and assignments
  • The Lærdansk digital language learning platform
  • Online dictionary
  • Other online tools


Students at Lærdansk have access to messages from teachers, materials from lessons, online excercises and much more on our online student platform. Students can login using their UNI-login.

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